Saturday, August 4, 2012

Scarf Collection...

Hi ladies,
   I just started wearing my hair natural about 4 months ago even though I have been a natural my whole life. I just used to straighten my hair everyday and I finally decided that I was done putting my hair through all the heat damage and what not. With that said, I had no idea what styles I could do with my natural hair and upon watching Youtube video after Youtube video, I saw that many naturalista's wore scarves in their hair. When I saw this, I was soo excited because it was a new and creative way to showcase one's style. In order to build my scarf I have been frequenting the Salvation Army where many of their scarves are less than $3.00. Score!! So here is my current collection of scarves that I plan to wear in my hair.

Long Scarves; Peep the Etienne Aigner on the right!!

Square Scarves

Scarves from my mom!


  1. Wow, you've totally inspired me to start a scarf collection, I barely have any (Texas life)

    By the way I tagged you in the Most worn things: Summer edition tag! I would love to see your faves!!

    1. yes you should go for it.. and thanks for tag. I'll try to find time to do seeing as school has started up for me.

  2. i wear alot if scarves